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Sarah Ellis

"I've noticed a massive difference after 4 weeks!
My breathlessness (which I've had for over 12 months) and dysfunctional breathing pattern has almost entirely gone now. Also I'm sleeping much better.  I can't begin to tell you how much this has helped.  Thank you so much!."

Craig Nelson

"I cannot recommend it enough."
  In a mere two weeks of the program, my pulse ox went from 92 to 97. I felt dramatically better. When I got COVID-19, I had nowhere to turn and doctors could do nothing to help. My breathing became so shallow that a pulmonologist told me I had emphysema. Even though I didn’t believe in breathwork, I decided to give it a try; what did I have to lose? Nobody thinks I have emphysema now. Covid or not, everyone should give your program a try. 

Rishi Josan

I'd highly recommend it to anyone experiencing "long COVID".
After recovering from COVID-19, I was experiencing breathing problems, PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia months after recovery.The breathwork program was very helpful in alleviating these symptoms. I'd highly recommend it to anyone experiencing "long COVID".

Caitlin Barber, MS, RD

"Absolutely incredible"
I have been doing your COVID breathwork program for 6 weeks now and it has been absolutely incredible. My name is Catie Barber and I am a 27 year-old COVID-19 long hauler. I am a Registered Dietitian in a nursing home and got sick at work in March. I have been an athlete my entire life. I have been sick ever since and am completely debilitated from this virus. I have been through the ringer in the past 9 months, however, I am seeing progress from following the program. 

Laure Dresser

"A second wind of hope on getting my life back.."
I have had severe long covid for a year, and like many, was super high functioning, healthy and athletic prior. I have found an incredible immunologist who is focused on infection & inflammation but have struggled to find guidance on how movement and breathing can facilitate my recovery. When I was healthy, I experienced through regular yoga how breathwork can impact my health, but have not found the right tools that fit my current state of health. Your program has provided me with a second wind of hope and mental energy to work hard on getting my life back. Thank you for your valuable work and generosity!

Susan Clifton, ON, Canada

"Very dramatic improvement over a period of a couple of months"
I have seen numerous significant improvements in my ability to breathe including not being out of breath going up a flight of stairs and being able to complete 15 minutes of cardio exercise while breathing through my nose. Massage and acupressure treatments provided relief but it was short lived each time. In spite of my past experience with lung trauma and a permanent spinal deformity and long spinal fusion I am now achieving a good level of physical fitness for my age and have returned to playing my saxophone.

Lindsey Melki

Forever grateful for the team's help during a really challenging time.
“Your COVID-19 long-hauler program helped me take my healing to the next level. My breathlessness has decreased and my sleep is more refreshing, both of which have had positive impacts on my overall mental health."


Absolutely incredible
My heart rate variability has increased substantially since I started this program. Pretty awesome as it had been really low for over a year since catching COVID19 fourteen months ago.

Anna Ramsey

I am seeing very positive results after two weeks! 
Only two weeks of your COVID long hauler breath-work program, I can now walk farther than I have since late July, my energy levels are up, my brain fog has disappeared, I’m sleeping well, and my shortness of breath is improving!


"It has transformed my sleep and I’m able to get out of bed and move around."
"Since starting, I’ve seen the first improvements since catching Covid 13 months ago.  It’s been incredible from just breathing twice a day. Thank you for producing the Covid rehab program. "


My heart rate variability has increased substantially since I started this program. Pretty awesome as it had been really low for over a year since catching COVID19 fourteen months ago.

Angela Mitchell

 I started the program yesterday. In one day my heart rate variability increased by 7 points. My sleeping score improved and I just feel more relaxed overall. 

Helen Lu

I'm on the last week of the COVID-19 program and in general, I would say my shortness of breath is 95% resolved, so thanks so much for the help.

Lauren Valenta

I'm loving this program. I feel much more in tune with my body, it’s improved my sleep and has helped immensely with my stress response during my day. ”
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