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Regulating the nervous system 

Shift from "Fight or Flight" state to  "Rest and Digest" to improve Long Covid Symptoms. 

What is Heart Rate Variability? 

An increased variability in heart rate corresponds with a more relaxed nervous system and decreased variability with a more stressed nervous system.

What is HRV Biofeedback? 

We are bridging the world of breathwork and data to improve heatlh. Monitoring HRV in real-time and implementing interventions such as a breathing regime to maximise HRV is known as HRV biofeedback. The patient is trained to reach a physiological state called Coherence. It's non-invasive and risk-free to treat stress related diseases such as Long Covid. 

How does it work? 

4 weeks of 10 minutes daily practice will train your body to better respond to stress and help you shift from chronic "Fight or flight" mode to "Rest and digest". 

Why can it help Long Haulers

Hundreds of biomedical findings have been documented, with many patients experiencing dozens of symptoms across multiple organ systems. "Many of these symptoms could be explained by the nervous system being predominantly in a stress or 'fight or flight' response, also known as dysautonomia.

A program of structured breathing exercises over 4 weeks whilst tracking HRV can demonstrate an improvement in HRV and consequently improve Long COVID symptoms." (Minoj Sivan, WHO Long Covid advisor, 2022) 


"A program of structured breathing exercises over 4 weeks whilst tracking HRV can improve Long COVID symptoms."

HRV graph.png

Long Covid Economic Impact

By David Cutler - Harvard Faculty Author


$3.7 trillion

Total Cost of Long Covid


per person 


of US Pre-Covid GDP

Cost as much has the Great Recession 

With costs this high, virtually any amount spent on long COVID detection, treatment, and control would result in benefits far above what it costs."

The total cost of long COVID is $3.7 trillion. 59% of the cost is lost quality of life; the remainder is reduced earnings and greater medical spending. The total amount is roughly $11,000 per person, or about 17% of pre-COVID US GDP. By another metric, the cost of long COVID rivals in aggregate the cost of the Great Recession."

- David Cutler

david cutler.jpeg


A generalized proinflammatory state has been observed in individuals with Long Covid. There is evidence that slow-paced breathing with heart rate variability-biofeedback strengthens the nervus vagus with its anti-inflammatory pathway.

HRV Biofeedback therapy may reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha via the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway in individuals with PD.

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Scientific Literature

More than 20,000 research papers demonstrating biofeedback therapy efficacy for individual Long Covid symptoms. 

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Heart Disease

& Chronic Pain


Image by Meg MacDonald
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& Anxiety


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Digestive disorder

Chronic Fatigue

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Brain Fog

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